About Kelly Ann's Photography

Kelly Ann Jones

My name is Kelly Ann Jones  and I am freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer. I am located in Williamstown, NJ where I have lived for over 30 years. I am the proud mother of two boys, one twenty-one and one thirteen. Photography is my chosen form of therapy and I live and love to “Capture Moments” big and small. I can honestly say, I love my “job”.

My Experience

I have a degree in Interactive Media Design, which simply means I cover many different mediums including web design, print design, and photography. My photography services include portraits, baby portraits, senior portraits, engagement photos, wedding photography, product ads as well as photo restoration work. I have experience working with many different artistic mediums and technologies which has given me the versatility necessary to meet the needs of a broader range of clients.

Want To Hire Me?

Would you like to hire me or do you have questions? Please use the Contact Page, visit me on FacebookTwitter, or call: 856-305-4156.